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NPS Sit + Stand Teacher’s Table – Rectangle – Height Adjustable Legs – Casters


Lorell Sit-Stand Desk Table Top – Straight Edge – 72″W x 30″D – Espresso


Correll Adjustable Standing Height Workstation – 24″L x 20″W x 34″ to 42″ – Black Granite


Luxor Adjustable Height Desk – Pneumatic – 56″W x 29.5″D – Teak


Bestar Height Adjustable Table – Electric – 48″ x 24″ x 28″ – 45″H Antigua


RightAngle Arriba Gas Lift Desk with Casters 27″ x 30″, Mahogany w/Black Base


RightAngle Bonita Electric Height Adjustable Desk 24″x48″, Galaxy White w/Black Base


Alera Sit-to-Stand Table Desk – Modern Walnut – Valencia Series


Uncaged Ergonomics Sit-Stand Desk with Electric Height Adjustment – Black Bamboo with White Frame


Boss Height Adjustable Desk – 60″W x 26.5″D – Driftwood


RightAngle Bonita Electric Height Adjustable Desk 24″x48″, Cherry w/Black Base


Lorell 3rd Leg Add-on for Quadro Three-Tier Sit-Stand Frames – 44″W x 24″D x 26.5″H – Black


Luxor Adjustable Height Flip Top Table w/ Crank Handle – 60″ – Gray


Lorell Electric Height Adjustable 2-Tier Sit-Stand Desk Frame -44.25″W x 27.5″D x 46″H -Silver


Lorell 3rd Leg Add-on for Quadro Two-Tier Sit-Stand Frames – 44″W x 24″D x 26.5″H – Black


RightAngle Arriba Gas Lift Desk 24″ x 24″, Black w/Silver Base


Correll Adjustable Standing Height Workstation – 36″L x 24″W x 34″ to 42″ – Black Granite


Luxor Stand Up Desk – Crank Adjustable Height – 23-5/8″L x 39-3/8″W – Black Top w/ White Frame


Lorell Mobile Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Table – 27″W x 24″D – Mahogany with Black Frame


Bestar Electric Height Adjustable Table – 60″L x 30″W – Tuscany Brown


Ergonomic Solutions for Your Office Problems. 

At Ergospec we provide ergonomic sit-stand desks that help improve productivity while reducing workplace injury. 

Bestar Desks For Improved Productivity

Bestar Desks and Other Desks

Whether you have a small office or a large-sized company, our sit to stand tables and workstations help increase productivity with comfortable, posture-friendly designs and durable materials.

Bestar Desk
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Bestar Desk

How many hours a day do workers spend sitting at a desk?

A significant percentage of our workforce does the vast majority of their work at a desk. This can quickly add up to a lot of hours spent in a seated position. In fact, most people who work at desks will sit for four to nine hours per day. With this much time sitting at a desk, it makes sense for employers to invest wisely in workstations and desks that will keep their employees healthier, happier, and more productive. 


What are the health risks associated with sitting for hours on end?

One of the most serious risk factors of sitting for hours per day is weight gain. Obesity can lead to developing diabetes or heart disease, which are extremely serious health conditions. Those who live a sedentary lifestyle may also experience additional health concerns, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, fatigue, and joint pain. A few other risk factors associating with sitting at a desk for much of the day at a desk include developing back problems and severely straining your neck and shoulders. In fact, some of these issues may even turn into chronic pain that can plague you for a lifetime.


Can opting for a standing desk improve the health of my workers?

There are several options available to employers to improve worker health and reduce the risk factors of workers developing chronic pain. One of these options is switching to standing desks. A standing desk can significantly reduce even the more serious risk factors associated with a sedentary working environment. For example, standing while you work burns more calories, which makes it less likely that you will develop weight-related health issues. Blood sugar levels can also be reduced by standing, along with the risk factors associated with developing heart disease and chronic back pain. Furthermore, when you opt for a standing desk for your employees, rather than expecting them to sit all day, you may notice a significant boost in their moods, energy levels, and overall productivity.


What if my workers do not want to stand at their desk all day?

Some of your workers may not be too keen on the idea of literally standing all day. Luckily, modern desk options can accommodate everyone. Standing desk designs are now made to be standing optional. This means your computer monitor is sitting on a stand that can be raised or lowered conveniently and with ease. Another option is a type of desk that can be raised or lowered by adjusting the height on each side. Your employees can choose which hours of the day they spend sitting and which they spend standing. Standing after lunch, for example, has been shown to be especially effective at lowering certain health risks, such as high blood sugar. With a desk that can be adjusted based on a worker’s mood, time of day, or task at hand, you are sure to have an option that works well for everyone in your office.


What is the study of ergonomics?

The study of ergonomics is very important for our modern workforce. The people who work in this field are experts in improving work environments. They analyze the environment, the workers, workflow, and the tools being used to determine which can be improved upon and how that improvement could be accomplished. The overall goal is to make work environments safer for the people in them in order to prevent injuries on the job. Plus, comfortable, safe workers are more likely to be happier and more productive, so incorporating ergonomic methods into a workplace is the logical choice for employers.


How can ergonomics be used to improve both sitting and standing desks?

The design of modern desks, whether they are used for sitting, standing, or both, rely heavily on the principles of ergonomics. Since ergonomics is all about safety and reducing injury, an ergonomic desk will help prevent workplace injuries like chronic back, neck, or shoulder pain. Desks that are ergonomic encourage proper posture because they are the right height and fit for each individual worker.


Can changing the kind of desk we use really increase productivity?

Opting for well designed, ergonomic desks is an excellent way to boost the productivity of your workers. When you improve the work environment, you reduce the risk of workplace injuries. Plus, when your workers are more comfortable throughout the day, as well as healthier and pain-free, the tasks they complete will seem much easier because things like chronic pain are not plaguing them. Tasks that seem easier will be done faster, boosting productivity.


Can changing our desks make my workers happier and more satisfied in their jobs?

When your employees see that you are investing in their work environment, they will have no doubt that you care a great deal about their health and well being. Instead of making all the decisions yourself, bring your employees into the decision-making process and allow them to be a part of the process of improving their work environment. Workers who know their employer cares about them and values their opinions have increased job satisfaction. Plus, they are more likely to be loyal to your company. When employees are loyal, they are not looking elsewhere for other employment opportunities. High turnover rates can be very costly for employers. This means that making sure your employees are comfortable and happy will not only increase productivity, but it will also significantly reduce the costs involved in hiring and training new employees. 


Our current desks did not last very long; can you offer more durable, long-lasting solutions?

At ErgoSpec Desks, our products are made of durable, high-quality materials that will stand the test of time. Even with repeated use, such as raising and lowering a standing desk multiple times per day, our desks will continue to work just like they are brand new for years to come. No matter if you are buying new desks for a company with hundreds of employees or looking for the perfect desk for your home office, our knowledgeable, helpful team will help find the best possible options for your needs at a price you can afford.

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